Jurassic Coast Cliff Fall at West Bay | "Running The Gauntlet"?!

The aftermath of the recent cliff fall at West Bay Dorset

photo of cliff fall at west bay in dorset


The latest cliff fall at West Bay was one of several to occur along the Jurassic Coast in 2021 and it's thought that as much as 500 tons of rock crashed down from the 120ft-high East Cliff where numerous episodes of ITV's hit crime drama Broadchurch were filmed and it was often a prominent feature of the show.

birds eye photo of cliff fall at west bay in dorset


Rockfalls and landslips along the Jurassic coastline have become quite regular because of the fragile sandstone cliffs. Heavy rainfall makes the porous sandstone weaker and causes the 180 million year old cliffs to break away.  

Cliff falls at West Bay are extremely unpredictable, falling rocks left a woman hospitalised last year when she was walking along the beach and another was killed in one in 2012.

The advice given is to stay away, nobody knows when the next fall will be!

View along the Juarassic Coast at West Bay, Dorset
This shot was taken mid-December 2021, a month after the latest cliff fall by local photographer & West Bay resident Daryl David. A single figure heading along the Jurassic Coast with the towering unstable East Cliff to the left, the crashing ocean waves to the right. "It made me think of the old saying - "Running The Gauntlet".


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