Marella Surprise for West Bay

Marella Surprise for West Bay

On the evening of Monday February 8th, we were greeted by the glowing lights of a huge cruise ship moored up just off the coast at West Bay.

The award winning Marella Discovery operated by TUI appeared out of nowhere which was a massive surprise to the locals! We managed to get a shot from our window shortly after it had arrived (see above).

The multi-million pound vessel features 11 decks, 918 cabins, seven bars, restaurants and two swimming pools. It was previously anchored at Weymouth Bay along with several other cruise liners and for the time being is now moored up in the Torbay area of Devon.

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Photo of The Marella Explorer 2 moored up at West Bay
Less than 24 hours later on the afternoon of Tuesday February 9th and to everyone’s surprise, another cruise ship arrived, The Marella Explorer 2.
Many locals from Bridport and the surrounding areas flocked to West Bay to see the rare sight!
A spokeswoman for TUI confirmed that both Marella Discovery and Marella Discovery 2 were anchored in West Bay to take shelter from the easterly winds.
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